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ProNovus Bioscience, the membrane protein experts.

ProNovus Bioscience, LLC was founded by bench scientists with the goal of combining 30+ years of experience in membrane protein biology research to provide the scientific community with valuable and unique protein bioreagents.

With expertise in the molecular, structural and functional aspects of membrane proteins, ProNovus seeks to open and advance opportunities in basic research and drug development targeting and/or affecting G protein-coupled receptors and ABC and SLC transporters, with an impressive product line of membrane protein bioreagents for your R&D needs.

We also offer expert contract service expression, production and purification of membrane proteins and other proteins.

Contract Services


We focus on the highest quality results, while providing you with efficient turn-around times and cost effective options.

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ABC Transporter Product Line


Our ABC Transporter membranes and vesicles are perfect for investigating DDIs and direct compound interaction with ABC transporters.

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Molecular Biology Reagents


Used for our in-house research and development, our molecular biology reagents are cost effective and comparable, if not superior, to the competition.

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Our Research


Founded by experienced bench scientists in the field of GPCR and transporter biology, ProNovus focuses on developing tools applicable to a wide variety of research areas.

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