Membrane Protein Reagents for Research & Drug Discovery
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ProNovus Bioscience, LLC was founded in the Silicon Valley in 2012 by scientists with over 30 years research experience from academic institutions and bio-pharma companies such as Stanford University, University of California at San Francisco, Roche Palo Alto, Xenoport, Sutro Biopharma, and Optivia Biotechnology. Some of our past research have been published in journals such as Nature, Cell and PNAS.

Our major area of expertise is in gene expression, purification and characterization of membrane proteins such as GPCRs and drug transporters. We have developed and validated an extensive catalog of drug transporter protein products and GPCR products. Upon request, we have also provided customized membrane proteins for our customers.

In addition to our membrane protein products, our company has used our extensive lab experience and technical “know-how”, reagents, and equipment to help our customers with their on-going research projects. ProNovus Bioscience has provided a wide range of customized laboratory support for molecular biology and protein sciences from “gene to protein” for our growing clientele in academia, small/midsize biopharma, and large pharma companies.  As a small company with a flexible infrastructure, we are renown for tailoring our services to the research needs of our customers.

Please refer to our custom services page for molecular biology and protein sciences services.

We’ve recently participated in the Reproducibility Initiative in Cancer Biology, find our publications on PubMed here.