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Quantitative RT-PCR (qPCR) Custom Services


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We offer a full range of services for qPCR studies from RNA isolation to Data Analysis. We are equipped to perform both SYBR and Probe-based qPCR assays. Depending on experimental needs, we can perform data analysis using either the standard curve method or relative expression (ddCt). We have endogenous controls for most commonly used pre-clinical species.

Some of our client studies have involved qPCR analyses (gene expression) from cell lines and animal tissue punch biopsies.  Depending on cell line or the number of genes for the study, we can obtain enough total RNA from confluent 96 well plates or punch biopsies as small as 2 mm to perform your studies.


  • Total RNA Isolation

  • RNA (One-step) and cDNA Preparation (Two-step)

  • Primer Design Only (SYBR)

  • Primer and Probe Design (TaqMan)

  • Experimental Design

  • qPCR Run

  • Data Analysis (Relative Expression or Standard Curve Method)

We can provide services for the entire process or just part of the process (just running prepped plates).

Please contact us for additional information, experimental consultation, or a quote.  We can tailor the study according to your needs.


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