Membrane Protein Reagents for Research & Drug Discovery
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Membranes, Buffers and Kits (all membranes are supplied at 1 mg/mL, total protein supplied is 0.5mg; Buffers and Kits are supplied to provide enough for 200 wells of a 96-well plates.)

Product Code Product Type/Species GPCR  Price (USD)
PM21100 Membranes/HUMAN beta2-adrenergic receptor (b2AR) $350.00
PM21101 Membranes/HUMAN alpha1A-adrenergic receptor (a1AR) $350.00
PM21102 Membranes/HUMAN Orphan GPR161 $550.00
PB21100 Buffer (10x) GPCR Binding Buffer $250.00
PB21101 2x Membranes + Buffer b2AR Binding Kit $850.00
PB21102 2x Membranes + Buffer a1AR Binding Kit $850.00
PB21103 2x Membranes + Buffer GPR161 Binding Kit $1,250.00
 PV31007  Membranes/Sf9  Control  $450.00
*Prices DO NOT include Shipping and Handling charges. Prices subject to change.